Tarah Who?
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New EP. Half Middle
Child Syndrome.

Federal Circle
of shame.

Little Out there.


2017-10-23 -
Rainbow Bar
West Hollywood, CA

2017-10-28 -
Malone s
Santa Ana, CA

2017-11-06 -
Blacklight District
Long Beach, CA

2017-12-02 -
Redwood Bar

The Mind, soul, rock n roll heart beat and operator behind Tarah Who? is French / American Singer & Multi-Instrumentalist (drummer, guitarist & bassist) Tarah G. Carpenter.
Born in Paris, Tarah got her first drum set at age 14 and shortly after began playing the bass, and the guitar.
After performing drums and bass in Paris for a few years,in several bands, Tarah decided to travel to Los Angeles to explore the music scene. Tarah answered an ad on craigslist "looking for an artist to perform original songs at a warehouse Party Downtown". After performing solo for the first time, the songs she had secretly written on the guitar, she decided she wanted to do her own music and started playing under the moniker Tarah Who?.

Tarah Who? is true 90 s spirit, anthemic sing-a-long choruses and a punky edged energetic live show.

Live and on recordings, Tarah Who? s songs jump out and grab at you to listen. The fact that Tarah can rock the drums just as hard as the guitar is enough to make any listener pay attention. While Tarah s been called the female Pearl Jam, her music stands on its own and a live show you don t want to miss.

Tarah Who? is known for being a power trio that delivers raw, authentic and loud rock.

Tarah Who? is:

Tarah G. Carpenter: Vocals, Guitar
Matt Peltcher: Bass
Coralie Hervé: Drums

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